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Apple iPhone 3G Screen Glass Replacement

Apple iPhone 3G Screen Glass Replacement
Apple iPhone 3G Screen Glass Replacement
sku: Apple-Screen-299G1
Retail Price : $29.99
Our Price: $9.99
You Save: $20.00
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You will get 1 Item.

Item 1:  Main display lens cover, front face panel repair replacement, replace your broken / damaged / cracked / shattered outside iPhone 3G screen lens glass cover, high quality and perfect fit.

NOTE : because on the iphone, this glass is being glued to the digitizer which is the touch screen function, so the replacement work for this glass can be difficult, we highly recommended this other part which has the glass and the digitizer already glued in together in 1 piece so it'd be a lot easier with installation.  Please refer to this item :  Apple iPhone 3G Lcd Screen Glass + Digitizer + Adhesives

Compatible:  Apple iPhone 3G GPS 8GB, 16GB provided by AT&T phone wireless carriers or by any wireless carriers.


Condition:  Brand New. Original, OEM.


Note:  please make sure you know how to replace this glass before making the purchase, the replacement job can be very difficult as the glass being glued down to the digitizer, you can remove out the glass + digitizer very easy, and then find a sharp tool to pry out the glass away from the digitizer.