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LG VX8500 Battery + Dual Desktop Charger KIT

LG VX8500 Battery + Dual Desktop Charger KIT
LG VX8500 Battery + Dual Desktop Charger KIT
sku: LG-Charger-168
Retail Price : $49.95
Our Price: $17.95
You Save: $32.00
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You will get 2 Items: ( NO battery included, picture is for reference only ) 


Item 1:  Dual slots desktop cradle charger. Front slot is for your phone - sit your phone in this slot, use the included charging cable to plug into your phone charging port. Back slot is for the battery - simply insert your battery into this slot and it will charge. LED light indicator. Built-in IC smart chip to prevent overheating, overcharging. At the very back of this dual slot desktop, there is a plug for the home ac charger (Item 2)

Item 2:  Home / AC charger with stylish led light display, use this charger to power up the external desktop (Item 1) or to charge your phone, we included this charger so you will not have to use your own charge and still able to use it to charge your phone. Note : when insert into item 1 (dual slot desktop charger), please make sure you insert correctly with arrow on the charging plug on top like the right picture below.


Compatible:  LG Chocolate VX8500 red, mint, black, white or any color provided by AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Alltell cell phone wireless carriers or by any wireless carriers.

Condition:  Brand new.  Original, OEM.