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Motorola Software CD 4.0 + Micro USB Cable Phone Tool

Motorola Software CD 4.0 + Micro USB Cable Phone Tool
Motorola Software CD 4.0 + Micro USB Cable Phone Tool
sku: Moto-CalbeKit-21L4
Retail Price : $29.95
Our Price: $9.95
You Save: $20.00
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You will get 2 Items:  1 Motorola Phone Tool CD Software 4.0 + 1 Micro USB Data Cable, please take advantages of this great deal, not just great price but a great product.

These two items will give you a complete connectivity kit from your phone to your PC / computing devices to performances smart features and features that can help your daily life / works. Such features are : transfer your data / files so you will not have to worry about losing important data when you lose your phone, transfer songs / mp3s, sync emails / contacts / calendars / events, images and video studio and many more features. You also can use the micro usb data cable included to charge your phone or sync data from your computing devices.

Compatible:  Rarz2 v8, RAZR2 V9x, Renegage v950, Krave ZN4, Moto Z9, Hint QA30, ROKR E8, Adventure V750, Krave ZN4, Zine ZN5, Rapture VU30, Moto Z6c provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile, Alltell cell phone wireless carrier or by any wireless carriers.

Condition:  Brand New. Item 2 is Original / Oem. Item 1 is generic non-OEM.


Note:  will NOT compatible with window Vista, but you can follow our instructions include to get version for Vista. Please follow setup steps included to update the software to the latest version. Motorola models Adventure V750, Krave ZN4, Rapture VU30, Moto Z6c will have limited features.