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Samsung Home Wall Charger - ORIGINAL

Samsung Home Wall Charger - ORIGINAL
Samsung Home Wall Charger - ORIGINAL
sku: Sam-Charger-343
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Item 1:  original home wall travel charger featured Samsung's quick charging technology with smart ic chip to preven over charging, over heat. Portable, easy to take when travel.

Compatible:  Samsung A117, A127, A137, A227, A237, A513, A517, A637, A737, SLM A747, Propel A767, A777, Rugby A837, Access A827, Eternity A867, BlackJack II i617, ACE i325, Omnia i900, Epix i907, M300, M305, Slash M310, M510, M520, Instinct M800, Mysto, T109, T409, T439, T429, T539, T639, Blast T729, Gleam U700, Fin, R200, Spex R210, R300, R400, R410, Messager R450, JetSet R550, MyShot R430, SCH-R500 Hue, R600 Hue II, R610, Delve R800, T229, T339, Katalyst T739, Beat T539, T819, Behold T919, Knack U310, U430, Juke U470, Sway U650, Muse U706, Flipshot U900, Glyde U940 and Z400 provided by AT&T Verizon T-Mobile Sprint Alltell or by any wireless carriers

Condition:  Brand New.  Original, OEM.