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Samsung Phone Headset Headphones 3.5mm Adapter KIT

Samsung Phone Headset Headphones 3.5mm Adapter KIT
Samsung Phone Headset Headphones 3.5mm Adapter KIT
sku: Sam-Headset-17
Retail Price : $24.95
Our Price: $9.95
You Save: $15.00
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You will get 2 Items: 

This stylish design, great quality stereo hands free headset with dual headphones and a 3.5mm adapter will allow you to listen to your favorite music / mp3 songs / video / sounds stereo from your phone like a portable MP3 player, OR make phone call conversations.

Item 1:  has a phone plug, long cable with a remote control unit which has a smart button to send / receive phone call or to stop / play music + a microphone + 3.5mm female adapter will allow you to plug any of your favorite stereo headphones or to amplifier or speakers and you can bring the sound from your phone to external devices.

Item 2:  is a dual buds headphones with a 3.5mm male plug so you can plug it in part 1 making it a stereo headset with dual headphones, now you can hear with both ears if you prefer. Long cord and shirt clip included for maximum comfort and convenient. Our version has EQUAL length cords dual buds headphone which most other stereo headset do not have this feature.

Compatible:  Samsung Blackjack II SGH-i617, A737, A517, A117, A127, A513, M305, M510, M520, R200, T539, T439, T639, T729, T409, Beat T539, T729 Blast, Epix i907, Katalyst T739, T819, Behold T919, Rugby A837 provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile, Alltell cell phone wireless carrier or by any wireless carriers.

Condition:  Brand new.  Generic, non-OEM.